Mail Exchange


Integrated E-mail solutions
Option 1 (Basic)


Every user would have a POP3 email account on the main company domain



Access to these email accounts would be through a dial-up, ADSL or LAN.


All users should have an Internet connection thru LAN or a Dialup modem.


Web based e-mail available when out of office or traveling abroad.


Ideally suited for small office/home office (SOHO)

Option 2 (Advanced)
A Mail Exchange Server with necessary software, where all users will connect to a local server / mail server and retrieve emails.


Only the server in the network needs Internet access with a simple dialup or ADSL broadband connection.



The server Downloads and Uploads e-mails, and the user will not notice any delays in sending or receiving emails.

Control over all email accounts in respect of size of attachment, connectivity schedule, and automated copies to many people within the organization as well as externally to the Internet.


Scheduled dialing to ISP (Connectivity cost is less on long run than option 1)


Free Internal email solutions within (LAN) same domain regardless of Internet connection.



Free junk mail filtering


Free Web based e-mail available when out of office.


Common address book with all business email addresses for all the users.


One person can send e-mails from multiple e-mail accounts.